Tickets can be bought here


– or at the entrance to the concerts

Ticket sales will open 15th of March for partout tickets and 1st of April for single concert tickets


Partout ticket for all of the festival concerts 1100 DKK

Single concerts

Thursday 30th July
kl. 19.30: 180 kr.

Friday 31st July
kl. 14.00: 150 kr
kl. 19.00: 180 kr.
kl. 22.00: 150 kr.

Saturday 1st August
Kl. 14.00: 180 kr.
Kl. 19.30: 180 kr.

Sunday 2nd August
Kl. 11.00: 150 kr.
Kl. 14.00: 180 kr.